All-in-One Real Estate Sales & Marketing Solution

Real Estate CRM & Marketing Software

"RealGrowth" package comes with a fully integrated, easy to use CRM. The CRM comes with features so that you can give your customers a deeply personalized experience without overloading yourself. Some of the things you get from RealGrowth in-built CRM

Contact Management

The contact manager stores, manages, classifies all the contacts in an organization. Send E-mail / SMS to any contact through the contact manager. Create as many groups as you want to classify the contacts for targeted campaigns. 

A number of statuses for each contact help in understanding what exactly is the status of a contact. Add relevant documents for a contact in just a click!

Property Listing Management

The heart of your business and it has to have something special. We provide a well-researched property form to store listing data as well as custom fields as per your requirement. 

All the pictures you uploaded would be watermarked on the fly to protect the picture ownership when you push these listings to your website, portals or posting on social networking websites.

Lead Management

The lifeline of sales, its leads, are managed in the lead manager. Starting from capturing the entire information of the buyer, untill the deal gets closed, the lead manager helps to keep a track of everything you need. Defining strictly, who your leads could be shared with, keeps you from the fear of Lead theft! A clients requirement since the time its entered, till the entire life cycle, is tracked in form of statuses and various other actions. Not just it stores the information, but helps you to find and match the requirements, within the database. Just enter the requirement details, go through few relevant fields, add the Lead, a single click and Voila, you see a list of exactly matching properties!

Task & Calander

An entire module dedicated to all the tasks you ever create, could be seen and managed. Allows you to create new tasks, and lets you store information and documents you need. So you never miss on anything for your tasks. Lets you distinguish yourself for the efforts you put in for the successful completion of a task! Each task could be classified with certain pre-defined statuses, so that any task could be traced in terms of the exact stage. Tasks can also be prioritized, which results in the timely follow up of your entire day's work. Tasks within teams could be easily assigned, which again helps in time management.